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Tri-State Squares Mainstream/Plus
Non square dancers are always welcome to just drop by and watch.
President’s Message

Let me start with a very big THANK YOU to all the square and round dancers that have supported the Association.

The board has been very busy and I am fortunate to have a very active and supportive board working with me! Vice-President, Jeanie Breeden and her ever helpful husband Jim, have made huge strides with local publicity. I would be lost without both of them! Treasurer, Joyce Ferris handles our financial reporting with great care and dedication. Joyce and Judd can be found at just about every event helping with any problem or issue that needs to be addressed. Secretary, JoAnne Phillips is a gem and her right hand man Larry, is so very helpful. Jo’s action items list, notes and minutes keep all of us organized and are much appreciated. Compliance and Education Chair, Don Baltz is always there to help us navigate our course of action. He is also Editor of the Bulletin, which is so helpful and important to all the clubs in our Association. Our meetings would not be complete without the club delegates and dancers that attend and they deserve a very heartfelt thank you as well. Their ideas, suggestions and requests are what keep the Board busy throughout the year.

Our April meeting was held in Bullhead City, Arizona. We had a delegate from each square dance club in attendance.  This was a first!  We plan to do this again next year, in the meantime we are going to invite the Arizona clubs to attend our meetings via conference calls and possibly video conferencing. We will let you all know how this goes.

Last year the Association revived the fifth Saturday dances. We had a very successful dance in January and we will have another on August 29th. Stay tuned for more information on this upcoming event.

We continue to offer the First Monday Mainstream dance each month for area dancers. This dance is offered as a means for the new dancers to gain some much needed floor time to polish their skills.  So don’t forget to put it on your dance calendar and come on out and support our Mainstream dancers!

The Association’s main focus is on recruiting, educating and retaining dancers. The Board is actively looking at all methods of advertising.  We welcome any suggestions. We have found over the years that our most effective advertising is YOU! So don’t be afraid to brag a little when you are in a group of people and you are talking about this wonderful activity we all love.  Tell everyone that will listen about the benefits of square and round dancing.  Tell them it is good exercise for their brain and body. Tell them about all the fun we have with our dance friends. Tell them about the wonderful visitors that come to our dances. Tell them they can travel and meet new friends easily because they will have this activity as a common thread. Tell them how much you care about this activity and how it has improved your life.

I hope everyone has a wonderful, healthy and safe summer. I hope to see every one of you on the dance floor very soon!

Cathy Demars, President

Next Association Meeting
Saturday, June 20th @ 10:30am at Jim & Jeanie Breeden's home, 10584 Abisso Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89135

This is in the Sienna subdivision at Tropicana and Town Center. If you use your GPS or some such navigation system; just make sure it takes you to the main entrance on Town Center Drive, as you will have to go through the guard at the gate. 

Please do not use any other entrance or tail gate to enter the complex. This will result in a $100 fine for the Breeden's.

First Monday Mainstream Dances
Riviera Mobile Home Park, 2038 Palm Ave.
Time: 7:00 - 9:00 pm    $5.00 donation
     Jun 1 Vern Vernazzaro & Joe Valvo
     Jul 6 Ned Newberg & Francois Lamoureux
     Aug 3 Vern Vernazzaro & Ron Sowash
     Oct 5 Vern Vernazzaro & Francois Lamoureux
     Nov 2 Francois Lamoureux & Ned Newberg
     Dec 7 Student Hoedown (Vern Vernazzaro - MC)

So, how does the First Monday Dance work?

Two local callers are scheduled for each dance. The level is Mainstream with the exception that after classes start in the fall, a determination is made as to when we should reduce the program level to the level of the classes. The callers with classes determine the dance program by comparing their teaching lists


The Las Vegas Square & Round Dance Association has the option of bringing in an out of town caller once a year.

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Ten Commandments of Square Dancing

What it takes to be a square dancer
How to look good while square dancing
What is modern square dancing and how do I get started?


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