Are you ready to try Square Dancing?

Square Dance classes will be starting in September. Click
here for the dates, times, locations and contacts.

Before you start panicking and thinking that it is still the same old barn dance that it was many years ago you might want to check out a few facts about
modern square dancing.

The one thing we do know is how to have fun. For instance take a look at
our ten commandments:

1.   Thou shalt honor thy caller and harken to his voice, for thy success depends   greatly upon his words.

2.   Thou shalt exchange greetings and be friendly to all in thy group, lest ye be labeled a snob and unworthy of the title Square Dancer.

3.   Thou shalt not ridicule those dancers possessing two left hands but shall endeavor to help them distinguish one from the other.

4.   Thou shalt strive to dance in different squares, thereby giving to all the benefit of thy fine personality and great experience.

5.   Thou shalt not anticipate or dance ahead of thy caller for he is of fiendish nature and possessed of evil powers to make you appear ill-prepared in the eyes of thy fellow dancers.

6.   Thou shalt not moan or belittle the caller, thy partner, nor the slippery floor when thou has goofed, for this is likely thine own mistake.

7.   Thou shalt clean thyself diligently before the dance, thereby creating a pleasant aroma for thy partner.

8.   Thou shalt remain silent while the caller gives advice and instructions.

9.   Thou shalt not partake of strong drink before or during the dance, lest thy mind become befuddled and confused.

10. Thou shalt strive diligently to observe these commandments, and thy reward shall be great; for ye shall have many friends and shall be called Square Dancer.