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March 29 Association Dance, Las Vegas Square & Round Dance Association
Dance Center, 3686 East Sunset Road
Calling & Cueing: Jim & Judy Keller
April 5 Swinging Stars 55th Anniversary Dance. Roger Bryan School, Las Vegas, Nevada. Calling: Bear Miller. Cueing: Mitchell Thompson. MS/PL/Rnd.
April 12-13 34th Cruisin Route 66 Jubilee. Kingman Kut- Ups. Senior Nutrition Center, Kingman, Arizona. Calling: Lee Hailey. Cueing: Chuck & Sandi Weiss. MS/PL/Rds.
April 24 Mike Sikorsky MS/Plus Dance. Sunshine Dancers. Sun River Ballroom, St. George, UT. Calling: Mike Sikorsky. Cueing: Mary Townsend-Manning. 6:30 - 9:30 p.m. MS/PL/Rds. (435) 628-0659.
April 25-26 Mike Sikorsky A2 Dance. Sunshine Dancers. Kings Row Estates, St. George, UT. (435) 628-0659
May 23-25 Charlie Brown Squares Boatnik Square Dance Festival. Josephine County Fairgrounds, Grants Pass, OR. Calling: Wade Driver.
Cueing: Christina Corelli.
June 25-28 63RD National Square Dance Convention, Little Rock AR.
July 5 Stardusterís Mike Sikorsky Dance, Charleston Heights Arts
Center. Calling: Mike Sikorsky (of course). Cueing: Ron Hartzell.
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